About Us

Family Wellness Center was founded in September 9, 1999 in Makati City by Pablo Araneta and Reniel B. Cristobal. It is a non-stock, non-profit drug and alcohol treatment facility that uses the Bio-Psychosocial Model and the philosophy of the Twelve Steps Recovery Program. It is duly recognized by the Department of Health (DOH), Dangerous Drug Board (DDB), and is a Member of Tripartite Task Force under the Department of Labor & Employment. Their vision was to provide effective treatment for individuals with chemical dependency. With this program it allows the clients to discover a rewarding way of life free from the use of mood-altering chemicals and become fully responsible individuals through its Outpatient programs.

While Family Wellness Center still provides treatment for individuals with chemical dependencies, their vision has expanded to offer the same top quality treatment to individuals with dependent personality disorders, sex, gambling, and other compulsive disorders.

Philosophy of Care

Family Wellness Center provides a supportive, caring, and humane environment to assist clients in changing their behaviors and habits to lead a balanced, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. Family Wellness' philosophy of care is supported by an interdisciplinary and holistic treatment approach. Each client's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs are addressed within the framework of his or her environment. Treatment procedures and techniques are based on sound judgments utilizing current and tested approaches.

Family Wellness' caring community plays a key role in the recovery of clients. The staff upholds the dignity of each client, respect the client's right to make choices and encourages a client's input in the design of his or her treatment plan, and respect cultural and lifestyle diversities. With the emotional support and guidance of other people, clients are motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Recovery Model

The Family Wellness Center recovery plan is based on motivating and teaching clients how to achieve optimal health in all aspects of their lives. Family Wellness individualizes client treatment programs based on clearly defined diagnostic criteria, needs, learning styles, problems, and significant relationships. These programs build on a client's strengths, assisting him or her to assume responsibility for recovery.

Family Wellness believes that clients require organized and continuing support. Timely, supportive follow-up care and therapy programs reinforce and augment the gains made in treatment. To maximize treatment effectiveness, Family Wellness has created formal referral links with community services and groups.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Family Wellness Center believes in creating and maintaining a professional treatment environment. To ensure all programs and services meet a high standard of excellence, Family Wellness implements a continuous quality improvement program. Key activities of the program are:

  •     Promoting, monitoring and evaluating quality of client care
  •     Enhancing client care and services
  •     Identifying risks and assisting in the resolution of problems
  •     Evaluating the continuous quality improvement program
Research and Evaluation

Family Wellness conducts research to explore, compare and evaluate its treatment services. All research undertaken at Family Wellness is designed to improve treatment and enhance the potential for improving the client's capacity to recover. Research strategies are carefully integrated into programs to aid in the assessment and refinement of services. Trends in treatment procedures and techniques are also monitored. Family Wellness uses sound professional judgment in implementing new approaches in addiction and mental health treatment.

Out of Town Admission Assessment
For out of town referrals, Family Wellness conducts a brief chemical and psycho-social interview over the phone. You may contact us here. A more thorough assessment interview is conducted when the client arrives. Clients are required to provide completed blood work and documentation of medical clearance prior to admission, as well as psychiatric or legal clearance, if applicable.
Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis patients whose symptoms are under control through medication will be considered for admission. Clients may not be appropriate if

  • The primary problem is a severe psychiatric disorder
  • There is a history of violent acting-out behavior
  • There is a lengthy history of incarceration
  • There is evidence of severe organic brain damage or mental disability.

It is recommended that clients abstain from all psychoactive chemical for at least 7 days prior to admission to Family Wellness. For those clients who require detoxification support Family Wellness will:

  • Coordinate detoxification as necessary;
  • Arrange for home detoxification if appropriate.
Discharge Reports

To ensure continuity of care, Family Wellness forwards comprehensive discharge information to the necessary health and employment professional with the client's authorization.